Writing articles in one monolithic blog is so 2010.

  • Big personal blog is hard to maintain.
  • When it goes down all your content is down.
  • Getting your custom domain to rank high is hard—nobody cares about your website, or the author altogether.
  • One password protects your content, if it leaks all your posts are toast.

Introducing microblogposting! Instead of committing to a monolithic website, put each of your blog posts on a different isolated platform: Medium, DEV.to, Telegra.ph, WordPress, Write.as etc. Connect them with RESTful links.

Advantages of microblogposting:

  • Isolation and resilience. Your monolithic blog could go down, but there’s a very slim chance all third party blogging platforms fail.
  • Scalability. Popular blog posts will become somebody else’s problem, each platform can scale depending on how popular the content gets.
  • Productivity. Each platform is easier to understand in isolation, they also compete with each other on UX, so why not take advantage of that?
  • Flexibility. Pick the right platform for each blogging task: technical stuff goes to DEV.to, hipster stuff goest to Medium, personal junk goes to LiveJournal, etc.
  • Cloud-native likes. Claps, favorites, follows, etc.

P.S. this post was initially written as a sarcastic take on microservice movement. However, re-reading it it’s not that far from truth actually.

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